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Fré Veuchelen new trainer

Fré Veuchelen new trainer

A few weeks after his retirement as a pro rider in Putte-Kapellen Frederik Veuchelen returns to the cycling world. Fré is joining the Wanty-Groupe Gobert staff as a trainer in the upcoming cycling season. Veuchelen has 14 years of experience as a professional cyclist, of which the last four years at Wanty-Groupe Gobert. The former winner of Dwars door Vlaanderen succeeds Frank Vandewiele as a coach.

Frederik Veuchelen:

"This summer I already had some conversations with Hilaire Van der Schueren about the trainership. Gradually that idea has grown until a final decision was made a few weeks ago. For me it is a nice challenge to take on after my professional career. I could not ignore this unique opportunity. "

"I had to start immediately as winter is an important period for the upcoming cycling season. I rode my last pro race almost six weeks ago, but I had no time to rest. At the team meeting last weekend, I sat down with all the riders to see who their trainer and/or physiotherapist is, what food schedule they follow, etc. Then I have made arrangements to follow their training, because the majority follow the schedules of their own trainer. I also train some riders myself. "

"At the moment we are organizing test days with the team so that we can accurately determine the type of riders we have. Based on these tests we can compare data and draw up a work schedule."

"In addition to the daily follow-up, I want to attend several races and provide psychological support for the riders as well. The mental aspect should not be underestimated. Also in terms of lifestyle many of our riders can still make progress."

"Above all, I want to use my years of experience as a professional cyclist. I also have a degree in physical education at KU Leuven and I want to continue to learn. In addition I have a network of contacts that can be useful for referring to for example for physiotherapy and nutrition."