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GP de Wallonie : bad luck as Baugnies crashes hard

GP de Wallonie : bad luck as Baugnies crashes hard

Grand Prix de Wallonie (1.1, 13/09) on Wednesday wasn't an easy race for our team. The wind and rain made it a very hard day that started in Chaudfontaine. Tom Devriendt showed himself in a breakaway of nine riders which was caught with 50km to go. In the peloton the team experienced more bad luck.

An echelon of 20 riders was formed in a hilly final. Yoann Offredo was part of it, but had to let go the best riders on the Côte de Lustin. Eight riders took off. Behind them Guillaume Martin and Yoann Offredo tried to return, unfortunately without success. At the foot of the Citadelle in Namur they battled for 7th spot. Martin finished 7th, Offredo 24th.

Medical report :

In La Gleize (KM 35) Jérôme Baugnies crashed heavily. Baugnies hitted a pole with high speed. He was stabilised and brought to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of Liège in Sart-Tilman by helicopter. A fracture of the 8th thoracic vertebra was detected. Baugnies was immediately operated. His condition is stable and Baugnies never lost consciousness.

Thomas Degand crashed shortly after the feeding zone (KM 110). When he slowed down for a sanitary stop he was hit by the car of the president of the jury from behind. Fortunately his injuries are not too bad. He is hit at at the calf and right elbow, but no fractures were detected.

Hilaire Van der Schueren : 

"Suddenly I heard there was a crash in a descent. Baugnies went straight in a turn and there was a pole. He hitted that and it looked quite bad. He was touched at his head and I immediately saw he had pain in his back. But they took good care of him and the helicopter came to take him to the hospital in Liège. If that happens you know is isn't a 'normal' crash. I was a bit shaken, because you think about past events."

"A little further Degand was hit by a car of the federation. Fortunately we had a good Devriendt in the break, but in the final only five of our riders remained. That was a bit tedious. In the end we did what we could. Martin wasn't placed well when the first echelon was formed. Otherwise he would have been in front."

Results GP de Wallonie :

1. Tim Wellens
2. Tony Gallopin + 01:22
3. Julien Simon + 01:23
14. Guillaume Martin + 01:37
24. Yoann Offredo
35. Fabien Doubey + 02:29
40. Frederik Backaert + 02:59
65. Frederik Veuchelen + 05:18
DNF Jérôme Baugnies
DNF Thomas Degand
DNF Tom Devriendt