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Binche - Devriendt rides to new podium spot in home race, Dehaes loses lead Belgian Cycling Cup after hard battle

Binche - Devriendt rides to new podium spot in home race, Dehaes loses lead Belgian Cycling Cup after hard battle

Tom Devriendt rode to a beautiful third place on the home ground of our main sponsor Wanty in Binche-Chimay-Binche (1.1, 03/10). At the start of the race a big breakaway of 28 riders was formed with four representatives of Wanty-Groupe Gobert: Kenny Dehaes, Tom Devriendt, Andrea Pasqualon and Pieter Vanspeybrouck. They rode to a maximum lead of just over two minutes. At 70 kilometers from the finish, ten riders accelerated in front.

Dehaes, leader in the Belgian Cycling Cup, had a weak moment as well as Vanspeybrouck. Pasqualon and Devriendt steamed together with seven companions towards the finish on the cobbles in Binche. Tom Devriendt could hang on to Trentin and De Buyst on the final climb. De Buyst rode to victory, Devriendt finished on the podium as third. Because of his victory De Buyst also wins Belgian Cycling Cup. Kenny Dehaes finishes second after a hard fought campaign (3rd in Handzame, 2nd in Heist, 2nd in GP Jef Scherens and 2nd in Eurométropole).

Tom Devriendt:

"In the beginning the peloton already broke up because of the wind. I immediately decided to go to the front of the peloton. That is how we went clear. When we saw that we were with four riders from the team in front we immediately started to pace. "

"Trentin was really strong and pulled hard on a climb with 70km to go. I looked back and saw that it broke up. Unfortunately Kenny was behind. In the final I talked to Pasqualon, but we both were "à bloc" in the final lap."

"Trentin went full on the climb and it was close for me, but I just was able to close the gap on top. If they had waited longer, I would have started the sprint. But they started on the cobbles and I felt immediately I would not pass anymore. This is a confirmation of my good shape. Now I'm going to Paris-Bourges on Thursday and Paris Tours Sunday. "

Kenny Dehaes:

"In the first group of 28 riders we were present with too many riders. The cooperation wasn't smooth. Near to Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure, the riders of Quick-Step started attacking when I had a weak moment. I think that those 10 riders were the strongest in the race. In the local lap I felt better, but then it was already over. "

"AG2R chased in the peloton with Roompot, but we did not get any closer. It's not easy to organize and we also had two strong riders up front."

"It is painful to lose the lead now. In a number of races I lost some points. In Koolskamp Koers I was stuck behind a crash in the sprint and I did not get any points, while De Buyst scored well. I knew that this was a difficult race. I was in the good group and made no mistakes. "


1. Jasper De Buyst
2. Matteo Trentin
3. Tom Devriendt
7. Andrea Pasqualon + 00:07
11. Guillaume Van Keirsbulck + 01:42
13. Frederik Backaert + 01:48
28. Kévin Van Melsen + 03:25
57. Dion Smith + 03:51
58. Kenny Dehaes 
DNF Pieter Vanspeybrouck

Final GC Belgian Cycling Cup

1. Jasper De Buyst 86
2. Kenny Dehaes 68
3. Guillaume Van Keirsbulck 44